Dyslexia and Reading.

Love to read it that simple. This always surprises people when I tell them I am dyslexic, as they think due to my issue with words that I wouldn’t enjoy the art of reading. That use to be true when I was younger until one holiday there wasn’t much to do and I discovered the world of Harry Potter and I never stopped reading.

I created this blog as a way for me to discuss the books that I am passionate about. There is so many sites out there that talk about book out there that are amazing. I just find that that books that people discuss are book don’t interest me or I lack the confidence to read. 

I will be blogging about books that I have read in the last several years and the books that I have just read . I will also will be adding information about dyslexia and how dyslexia has affected me.

Just so you are aware the books I read tend to be crime fiction, supernatural / fantasy  and a random romance book every now and then.


Gem x

P.S I will try my best with spelling punctuation and grammar but knowing me there maybe be mistakes or two so I apologise now.


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