Melody’s Key By Dallas Coryell

I was nervous about writing this review, as this is the first time an author had contacted me to read and review his book. I needn’t of worried I really enjoyed the book, and glad he contacted me as other wise i would of missed out on this gem of a story. If you are looking for a good heart warming romance story then this is the book you will enjoy.

It did take me a little bit to get into the story but once i did, i didn’t want to put the book down. I was disappointment with myself when i was too tired to continue reading last night and had to finish the book today.

The book centres around the very talent Tegan Lockwood and her family estate and holiday business, it follows the up and downs through one summer when international Pop Star Mason Keane. What I loved about the book was the relationship between all the different characters, he perfectly showed the uniqueness of their family dynamics, especially between Tegan and sister Ryleigh and their prank war.

This book had a perfect balance of old and new for me with the letters from the world war one star crossed lovers and new love in the modern world. I love how the letters and Tegan love story had some cross over allowing both letters to enhance Tegan own love story.

The only thing I would like more of is Simons story, as Tegan Best Friend it would be nice to find out who broke his heart and for him to have his happy ever after.

There was one quote from the book that I want to share which was “Likening herself to a drunken sloth, she moved about the room slowly and methodically to avoid a fall.”  This is what I will now be referring myself to a drunken sloth in the morning, as this is the best description of someone in the morning that i have read.

Thanks for reading

Gem x


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