Crimson Death By Laurell. K. Hamilton

A Friend got me into this series a couple of years ago after many years of trying and I am really glad she did.

Crimson Death is the 25th book in the series revolving around Anita Blake. A piece of advise is to read the series in order if you don’t you will miss out the evolution  of the characters.

This book really has two parts before Ireland and Ireland. Before Ireland mainly focus on the relationship of Anita and her group. Anita is trying to enjoy her time off and let go of her problems, but things are never that simple in Anita world. I enjoyed the fact that Anita has grown as a person and isn’t falling into her pitfalls. I’m glad that Damien is in this story and it explored the triumvirate with Nathaniel as that has previously been ignored.

I preferred the Ireland section of the book,I do enjoy the romance side I’m just more interested in the crime fighting part. The Ireland section is about Vampire attacks in Ireland, which is strange as to their knowledge Ireland is the only country that doesn’t have a Vampire population. Edward is already in Ireland helping with the investigation, but he has to fight the Irish authorities to allow Anita to fly over and help. They are worried because of her predilection to solve things with violence and also because she is a Necromancer.(although they wont admit to that.) Edward is one of my favorite character in the series due to his ability to change how people perceive him depending on the situation, the book showed that Edwards mask can slip due to someone from his past. I wish we could find out more about his past as I would like to find out how is became who he is.

It was nice for a change that Anita was up against the big bad that she had the confidence in her ability and power instead of being surprised at what she can do. Also the fight against the big bad I felt that Nathaniel showed his true potential and the  enojyed reading how he has grown as a character although it was a shame about his hair.

I enjoy this series and I can’t wait to see what happens next, even more so after Anita and Nathaniel talking seriously about expanding their family.

Thanks for reading



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