Every Three Hours By Chris Mooney

This is the sixth book in the Darby McCormick series.

I have loved this series since reading the first book The Missing, and how disturbing the crime was that it affected my dreams, which normally doesn’t happen.

This book is based back in Boston after a friend’s wedding an ex colleague ask Darby help on a cold case. As Darby is entering the police station a hostage situation insured, as Darby couldn’t stop herself from getting involved.The title of the book steams from the hostage taker saying that a bomb will go off every three hours is the Ex Mayor doesn’t come in for a chat. 

When it looks like it’s just a simple hostage where all they want is to talk to the Ex Mayor there is more going on than anyone else realised, and it Darby job to find out the truth.When she is battling to find out the truth she is having to deal with the politics of the Boston PD. They don’t trust her after she told the truth about the corruption in the PD especially relating to her father murder. She is look that Coop is around and the FBI trying to keep the case which help Darby more than if Boston PD had it. 

What I really enjoy about the series is there is so many twist and turns, I have to double-check what I have read to make sure I haven’t miss understand because I didn’t expect it.

The only thing I would like to see in the series is Darby to be happy, she is like an old friend now and she deserves to be happy after all the heartache she has suffered. 

Thank you for reading 

Gem x




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