Heir of Fire by Sarah. J. Maas

This is book 3 in the Thorne of Glass I don’t even know where to start. So much has happen in this book as Celaena has gone to speak to her Aunt the Fae Queen about how to destroy the Wyrdkeys, but to get answers from her Aunt she will have to deal with her past and come to terms with her fae heritage. While this is going Chaol and Dorian are having to deal with the knowledge and power they have and where they will stand in the upcoming war.

I was enjoying Dorian learning to love again and come to terms with his power that my heart broke for him at the end of the book. I am still speechless that a father would do that to his son.

With Chaol I was disappointed in the way that it took his time coming to terms with were his true loyalty lay, that he hated Celaena darker side but would still fight for his King even though he knew how evil he was. I am glad that he has ended his blind loyalty.

Does anyone else see the similarities between Rowan and Chaol, the loyalty to a master that is evil at heart and only have the courage to break free because of Celaena and her questioning the stats quo. I hope in the next book they meet each other as there interacting will be interesting to read. While I am on the subject of Rowan I found the relationship between him and Celaena enjoyable to read especially there silent conversations. He was the most positive focus that Celaena has had in the series so fair. When he find out more about her he want her to be the best for herself and not what people want her to be.

The only part of the book I was not that interested to read was the witches. I understand that they will be important to the story as a whole, I just was as excited to read those chapters.

The war is brewing and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Thanks for reading

Gem x


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