Queen of Shadows by Sarah. J. Maas

Book 4 in the Thorne of Glass series, and I can’t put the books down. I got to an over half way through the book and decided that sleep wasn’t that important and I need to see what happened next.

This book follows Celaena now going by her real name Aelin, as she goes back to Rifthold to face her old master the King of Assassins bring back magic and a little maybe a lot of revenge.

This book showed the many different sides of Aelin, the queen she is becoming and the Assassin that she use to be. I loved reading the growth in her relationship with Rowan and them trying to keep it professional when both wanted more.

I was surprised with Chaol and spent a good deal of the book not liking him, and the way he was blaming Aelin for everything that had gone wrong in his life. I was happy when he stopped being so bitter and moved on, I hope he is in the next book as I care about the character and want to see if he is ok.

I enjoyed the witch storyline more in this book as it serviced more of a purpose to the story as a whole.

There is so much more I want to talk about this book but doing so may spoil it for other people. All I will say it that its full of twist and turn and some really interesting new characters.

Thanks for reading

Gem x




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