Empire of Storm by Sarah. J. Maas

Book 5 in the Thorne of Glass series and I am speechless. I finished the book last night with tears in my eyes and finding it hard to sleep with the ending still in playing in my head.

This book follows Aelin trying to rise an army to fight the dark lord. It’s never as simple as she is battling the Dark Lord and Maeve, as well as finding out the truth about why she was sent down the path from Elena.

The book is beautiful written, the stories that were told in the previous books make sense now in the story as a whole. Things that are small details that I had forgotten are brought up and it explains Aelins motives. The book shows that Aelin has planned ahead more than anyone else, but this still doesn’t help her in the end.

This book for me shows the most growth in the characters, they going through the toughest times of their lives. I really enjoyed seeing the growth in Manon as the glimmers of good in the previous books are seen more, when she realised she doesn’t have to be what her grandmother made.

I am glad that each character find some form of love in the book with another characters but it makes the loss what could have been bigger. Sarah J. Maas has made me care for all the characters of Aelins court and it breaks my heart to think what they will have to do to win the war.

Thanks for reading

Gem x


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