Court of Thorns and Roses By Sarah. J. Mass

After finishing Sarah J Maas Thorne of Glass series I decided to read her other series A Court of Thorne and Roses as I enjoyed Sarah writing style. This series didn’t disappoint, it more of a love story then Throne of Glass although they is still evil to face..

The world that this series is based in is split into two, the world of the mortals and the world of the Fae. The mortals were once slaves to the Fae until the mortals fought back and a treaty was signed that gave them their freedom. Feyre is a mortal women hunting in the wood in winter trying to find food for father and two sisters who have been struck on hard times. Feyre kills an animal in the woods this act causes her to have to give up her life and move to the world of the Fae to atone. While she is in Fae she finds out that everything is at it seems as she might be the only one that can save them.

The author has again give us a great strong female character in Feyre, even though it sent in a completely different world to my own there is aspect of Feyre personality that I can relate too.Which made warm to her and her sturggle regarding leaving the people she loves. 

I have the second book A Court of Mist of Fury ready and waiting to start as I can’t wait to see how Feyre and Tamlin are coping after the end of A Court of Thorn and Roses.

I also really appreciated the pronunciation guide at the back of the book, as being dyslexic I always worry about if I am saying the name right so that helped a lot.


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