Huntress Found by A.A Chamberlynn

I won a copy of Huntress Found on Library Things for an honest and fair review.

The book is based around Evryn who has the ability to find things that are lost. She was abounded as a child so never knew why and how she had this ability. Till one day when a gentleman seeker pops into her world and informs her that she is the last descendant of Artemis.  She is asked to join a hunt to find the Artifex which is an artifact a magic device which would give its use a lot of power.

The premise is very interesting with Evryn being the last descendant of Artemis and her ability is the strongest among the hunters because of that. I really enjoyed the different worlds that were created and look forward to reading about other world that A.A Chamberlynn has created. I hope in the next book we see more regarding the relationships between the characters as they felt at little rushed in this book.

Now I’m off to brush up on my greek mythology.

Thanks for reading

Gem x



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