Moon Chosen by P.C Cast

I received this book from my November Nerdy bookworm box. I am glad it was chosen as I really enjoy the fantasy genre and I wouldn’t of found this book on my own.

The book is based around three different group of people living in a world where the main civilization and technology has failed. The main stories follow one person from the group that is different from the normal. Mair from the Earth Walkers who is not a full Earth walker and having to learn to accept herself and help her people. Nik from the Tree tribe hasn’t been chosen by his companion and is wanting to make changes in the tribe to make it more inclusive. The last is Dead Eyes from the Skin Stealers who has realised that the old ways are not working and decides to take over to improve the life of the Skin Stealers.

It took me a little bit to get me to get into the book as there is so much information regarding the different groups. Also how they are all end up being connected, but once I understood the world better I started to really enjoy the story and was surprised in the direction it went. The book has been left in away where I am happy with it ending but looking forward to want happens next.

Thanks for reading

Gem x


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