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Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Court of Thorns & Roses and A Court of Mist & Fury Quiz

1. Feyre hunter and killed a wolf in A Court of Thorns and Roses but what other Animal did she kill
2. What did Feyre paint on Elain’s drawer?
Violet and Roses
Cracking Flames
Sunflowers and Daisys

3. What animal mask is Lucien stuck wearing in A Court of Thorns and Roses?

4.What did Amarantha make Feyre hunt in her first trial?
Giant Worm
Giant Snake
Giant Slug

5.What colour is Feyre dress the first time Rhysand take Feyre as an escort to Under the mountain party?

6.When Rhysand was teaching Feyre to read in A Court of Mist and Fury, what was the first sentence did Rhysand get Feyre to read?
You look absolutely delicious today, Feyre.
You look absolutely beautiful today, Feyre
You look absolutely stunning today, Feyre

7.What did Feyre steal back from the weaver?

8. What did Tarquin gift Feyre when she visited the Summer Court
Black Diamond Neckless
Ruby neckless
Pearl Neckless

9.What does the Summer Court Send the Nightcourt to declare there is a price on their heads?
Blood Rubies
Blood Diamonds
Blood Amber

10.What animal did Feyre turn the water into while fighting the Hybern Solider?

I hope I have given you another excuse to reread the books 🙂

Thanks for playing

Gem x

Survival Instinct by Doranna Durgin


I received this book from Library things for an honest and fair reviewed. This is book 3 in the series, I havent read the other 2 book but you dont need to as this is a stand alone story.

I really enjoyed this book, I didn’t no what to expect when I started the book but i was pleasantly surprised. The book follows ex-con women Karin living as her sister Ellen so that she could escape her step-father. Life was simple living on a small farm until P.I Dave Hunter comes asking for Ellen help about a missing boy. Karin ends up using her Con women ability to help Dave get evidence to prove that a powerful man is guilty.

I enjoyed the book as it wasn’t the normal crime fiction book, the crime brought Karin and Dave together but it was there dynamic were the main focus of the book and what I enjoyed more. I liked the touch of Karin writing letter to Ellen as that allowed me to see a different side to her and filled in some gaps in the story.

Thanks for reading

Gem X



Tarot at Midnights: 21 Short Stories edited by Carla Girtman


I received this book from Librarythings.com for an honest and fair review.

I wanted to read this book as I am interested in Tarot and I am have been for the last 12 years. (Typing that has just made me feel old 😳)  The stories follow the Major Arcana and stories that revolve around the meaning of the cards.

The book is 94 pages long so it’s a quick read and as it 21 short stories means I could put it down and pick it up easily without worrying about what is going on.

The stories were really interesting and i wish that some of them were a bit longer as the way that they ended leaving me wanting more. There were a couple of stories that I could see being made into a full length books.

Thanks for reading

Gem x

Legacy of the Demon by Diana Rowland


Legacy of the Demon is book 8 in the Kara Gillian series, the book takes place 2 months after book 7 where the gate between the Demon and human world. The closing off of the worlds has caused problem in both worlds. Kara is now the arcane commander helping Earth deal with the rift between Demon and human world that its allowing Demon to come through and try to take over. Kara and her friends now have to try to save both world and try to keep up with the Demonics Lords that have different goals.

I have always enjoyed this series and adored this book as I finally got answers about the Lords, their parentage and more about the Demons that aren’t in the courts. As always it took me sometime to get around the names of the different Demons and remember the relation to everyone. I know that I pronouce the name incorrect but that doesnt bother me really it makes me laugh a little when I keep saying arcade instead of arcane.

The series has so many ups and downs and its great at changing how you feel about characters from one book to the next. Its also enjoyed reading as Kara grows as women, how she has been broken down built back up to be one kick ass women. I can’t wait to see what happens next and if Kara can keep her promise or not.

Thanks for Reading.

Gem x