Survival Instinct by Doranna Durgin

I received this book from Library things for an honest and fair reviewed. This is book 3 in the series, I havent read the other 2 book but you dont need to as this is a stand alone story.

I really enjoyed this book, I didn’t no what to expect when I started the book but i was pleasantly surprised. The book follows ex-con women Karin living as her sister Ellen so that she could escape her step-father. Life was simple living on a small farm until P.I Dave Hunter comes asking for Ellen help about a missing boy. Karin ends up using her Con women ability to help Dave get evidence to prove that a powerful man is guilty.

I enjoyed the book as it wasn’t the normal crime fiction book, the crime brought Karin and Dave together but it was there dynamic were the main focus of the book and what I enjoyed more. I liked the touch of Karin writing letter to Ellen as that allowed me to see a different side to her and filled in some gaps in the story.

Thanks for reading

Gem X




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