Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Once I had finished Red Queen I had to start reading Glass Sword straight away. The book pick up as Red Queen ended with the escape of Mare and Cal from their attempted execution at the hand of Maven.

The book follows as Mare as she tries to recruit and save ‘Newbloods’ like herself, and see if they will fight with them to take down Maven. Mare is struggling with what she must do and what she has done to stay alive. She is pulling away from everyone as she does not know who she can trust. She wants to trust Cal but she knows that he could leave at anytime as The Scarlet Guard isn’t his fight and he is only their because he wants Maven dead. This book introduces us to many different ‘Newbloods’ and their gift, which shows how different they are to the Slivers. I would want a “Newblood” gift over the Slivers as they are much more interesting, but I don’t want the whole running for my life from a mad King.

I enjoyed this book a lot, when I thought I could trust what was going with the story and characters, something would change and I would have to rethink what was happening. The author is very good at given you hope and taken it away leaving you wanting more.

This book got me thinking about how I would cope if I was in Mare situation. I would wish that I would be strong and not push people away, but I think I would do the same. I would want to be strong enough to not let Maven get to me and focus on Cal, but emotions are a tricky thing.

Now I just have to wait 29 days till Kings Cage is released so I can find out the fate of Mare, Cal and the Scarlet Guard. At least I have Cruel Crown to feed my addiction to this world to keep me going untill then.

🤓  🤓   🤓   🤓  out of 5.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x


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