Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard

Cruel Crown is two prequels in the Red Queen series. The first story follows Queen Coriane Cals mother, the second is about Farley and expanding the Scarlet Guard into Norta.

Reading about how Coriane broke my heart a little, to see the similarities between Cal and Coriane and how that was taken away from Cal. Also I would love to know more about Cal’s Grandparents as the relationship between the King, Queen and the Kings true love. Also the story made me hate Elara more and makes me wonder what else she could have done before the start of Red Queen.

The second story about Farley didn’t really interest me until Shade Burrows was introduced as it explains how he ends up joining. I enjoyed reading the banter between Shade and Farley, it explains her reactions with Shade more in Glass Sword.

I am glad I read the stories as it gives more background to the stories and I better understanding of the world. I liked the fact that gender doesn’t matter in this world that I women can just be as good at war tactics as a man can be at place setting and decorations.

Now I am need to find something to read that will keep me distracted till Kings Cage come out.

🤓  🤓 🤓  🤓 out of 5

Thanks for Reading.

Gem x


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