The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah. J. Mass

The Assassin’s Blade is the prequel to The Thorne of Glass series, it was nice to read about Celaena before Endovier,  and how that change her. For anyone reading the Thorne of Glass series this prequal is a must read.

The book is split into 5 separate stories that follow on the 6 months or so before Celaena was caught and sent to Endovier. The stories are all stories that Celaena has mention in the main stories but not gone into detail.

The first story is the Assassin and the Pirate Lord, this story is about how Celaena freed 200 slaves.

The second story is the Assassin and the Healer, on the way to the silent Assassin Celaena helps save a young healers life.

The third story is the Assassin and the dessert, this story is about the Slient Assassin and stealing the Asterion horse.

The fourth story is The Assassin and the underworld, this story is about Celaena her last job as Arobynn Hammel.

The firth story is The Assassin and the Empire is about the death of Sam and Celaena being arrested.

I love that though the stories you got to see the evolution of Sam and Celaena relationship and how it confuse Celaena.I wish that Sam didn’t have to die as he as good for Celaena but I understand why for the story it just sucks.

Oh and the main thing that I got from the stories is how much I hate Arobynn Hammel, and his manipulation, the book show just how mainpulative he was and his aim to control Celaena.

🤓  🤓 🤓  🤓  🤓  out of 5.

Thanks for reading.



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