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Archangel’s Heart by Nalini Singh

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Archangel’s Heart is book nine in the Guild Hunter series, that follows the lives of Elena her love the Archangel of New York Raphael and his personal guide the Seven.

The world that Nalini Singh has created is an amazing world, where the world has been divided into 10 each part is ruled be an Archangel. The Archangels rules over angels and Vampires. Nalini Singh has put an interesting spin on the vampire, as these mortal were turned to Vampires by the blood of the angels. This Vampire can go into the light, churches and garlic has no effect.

Elena is a born hunter she has the ability that allow her to track and capture Vampires than run from the Angels and harm humans. Elena is also the only mortal to be made into an Angel.

This story follows on two years later from book 6 Archangel’s Legion after the war with Lijuan the Archangel of China as she tried to take over the world. It been two years since Lijuan has disappeared and China is starting to fall in to Chaos without Archangel interference. Due to this a group called the Luminata (which is like Angel Monks) call all the Archangels to them to decide the fate of China. When Elena and Raphael get their they come to realise that there more going on in the Luminata then just enlightment.

I always love this series, the stories are alway interesting but what I enjoy more is the character. The character are so rich, interesting and not prefect. They all have there demons that they must deal with but it doesnt stop them, doing what is right or being their for the people they care about.

Aodhan is part of Rapheal Seven and has been assigned to guard Elena at the Luminata. Aodhan has a tragic past and his is slowly puting the piece back togother. We see the biggest growth in Aodhan in this book and I was glad to see, I hope that he will get his own story like other member of the Seven have.

Elena and Rapheal are one of my favorite book couples. I love their banter and the fact they don’t have to agree on everything, but they will always be their for each other.

Book like this make me wish that we did have Angels living among us, just so I could ask the loads of history questions. If I could ask someone that been alive for over a thousand years a question it would be; Was Shakespeare truely Shakespeare and not Franis Bacon using a pen name? What would you ask?

I give this book 5 out of 5.

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