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Strungballs By Mike Russell


I was lucky enough to be given this book in exchange for a fair and honest review, thank you Jay Strange Books Secretary for contacting me. I would of missed reading this book other wise.

Strungballs is the third book from Mike Russell and his first Novella, with only 66 pages it a nice quick read if you have a couple of hours free.

The book follows Sydney as he has his first skin removed for his first Strungball to be inserted,his skin is used to help patch up a skin barrier that protects the city from the “Others”. Sydney with a little help start questioning his reality which changes his whole world.

In it’s strange storyline it brought up many topics that I found thought provoking;

  • Is are greatest fear ourselves?
  • Do we follow the party line or are we strong enough to question it?
  • What are we willing to do to be normal?

I found the story really interesting and it will keep me thinking about the story long after finishing it.

Just a heads up if anyone is interested that Mike Russell is giving away on Goodread a copy of Strungball. The giveway is opened until the 24th Feburay 2017, the giveaway is only open to US and UK resident.

I give this 4 out of 5.

🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓

Thanks for reading.

Gem x

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