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See Jane Die By Erica Spindler


See Jane Die is the second book in the Malones series and the first in the Stacy Killian . See Jane Die follows Stacy sister Jane, When Jane was a teenage she was in a horrible accident that left her face disfigured and caused her to lose her eye. After years are surgery Jane life is perfect, she has a husband and a carer that she loves. But it seems that her happiness isn’t going to last forever. When her husband is charged for murder and she starts receiving messages that make it look like her accident wasnt an accident. Stacy Killian Jane sister is a Homicide Cop, when the suspect in her case is her sister Jane Husband Stacy loyalty is tested to the police and to her sister.

I really enjoyed the story, Erica Spindler writing keeps you griped from the beginning. As you read though the story you are in Jane and Stacy position, trying to figure out who are committing these crime and how this is connected to Jane. I will say this I figure one thing out before it revealed but I would have never guess the last twist, it took me that much by surprise.

One of the reason I like Erica Spindler book is the character, they are real and have physical and mental scars that they are dealing with. The characters are more relatable because of this, like with Jane due to her physical scars she find it hard to believe the good in her life. It’s so relatiable as people like myself question it when you don’t match society image of health and beauty.

If people who like Karen Rose that you will like these book, and if you already ready Erica Spindler give Karen Roses book a read.

5 out of 5.

🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓

Thanks for reading

Gem x



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