Areh By Jeffrey Kinsey

I was asked to read Areh by Jeffrey Kinsey for a fair and honest review.

First thing I need to comment is the art work, even reading the book on my ereader the art work was stunning. I bet the art work is more stunning seeing it physical in the book. I think the book and the art work would be great as an adult colouring book.

Areh is set in a world where an ancient religion ‘The Purpose’ has been cruelly altered in where children born with deformities are made to dress up and become the Gods and Goddess that they worship. They are mocked by the peers and worshiped by adults when they are just trying to find their own identity.

The book is mainly from Remi view the beginning of the half of the book Remi shows us the world from present day and flashbacks. The second half of the book Remi is on an epic religious journey to stop ‘The Purpose’ version of the apocalypse.

Remi is a poet and the writing style is some what poetic as well, the author has crafted a story that flows like a memory. That different things set Remi memory off allowing us more of the story to hand.

This book gives a new meaning for being burden with grief and questioning your religion.

If you like stories that brings you on a journey where the character world is turned upside down and has you and the character questioning reality, then you should read this stories. One of the reasons I enjoyed this book was the fact that they way this story started gave no clues on how it would end.

4 out of 5

🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓

Thanks for reading

Gem x



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