Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Strange the Dreamer was the book I received in my march FairyLoot book, my first thought was what a beautiful book. The story revolves around Lazlo Strange, an orphan with a big imagination. He grew up in a monastery where an old monk told him stories and this started his obsession with the mythical city of Weep where the city name magically disappeared from the minds of the world 15 years before. Lazlo obsession grows when he comes to be a junior librarian  he read everything and anything to build up his knowledge of Weep. Until one day Weep warriors come and he is given the choice of either seizing his dream and going to Weep or lose his dream forever.  Now Lazlo has the chance to find out what happen to Weep and its mysteries. What happens Lazlo will never be the same again.

Lazlo is such a character that you could help but be drawn to him, he is kind with a thirst for knowledge. I understand his love for book,  and having your mind in the book world and not the real world. His evolution is both mental and physical which was nice change to see both happening. I like the fact that Laini has swapped what people normally see as good guy and bad guy appearance. Where people first look at Lazlo they see a fighter but has the soul of a poet, where Thyon looks like an angel but his soul is much darker. 

I love the world that Laini has created, two very different location one focus on science and learning and the other magic. That having Weep cut off from other cities for 200 year has meant everyone but Lazlo think that magic isn’t real, showing how open minded  his is compared to the scientist that come with Lazlo to Weep.

There is another character that I cared about and that was Sarai, Sarai is not completely human with is evident in her blue skin and her gift. I really related to Sarai she is stuck in a situation where she can see both side of the situation understands why people feel the way they do. The only problem is she is the only one that does which cause her to be stuck in the middle in a very difficult situation.

Strange the Dreamer a beautiful story that was well written and engaging. This story brings you into the heart of their world where like Sarai you can see both side of the story which can make your heart breaks  for some characters, to love others and hate a few. The story left me was my mind slightly blown and wondering how long I will have to wait for the next book.

I give this book 4 out of 5.


Thanks for reading

Gem x



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