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Watch Me Die (The Malones #5 Stacy Killian #4) By Erica Spindler

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Watch Me Die is the final book in the Malones and Stacey Killian story.  The book takes place as the 6th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina looms, the book follows Mira Gallier she lost her husband in Katrina and she never got over the lost. She is starting to rebuild life when people she knows start being killed, Spencer Malone is on the case. The evidence is mounting against her, she starts to question her own sanity when she receives signs that her husband isn’t dead. 

Spencer is balancing solving this case, a new partner and the fact Stacy his fiance is recovering from being shot after stopping a child being kidnapped. I do enjoy book that allow me to see the evolution of the character and the relationships. This book Spencer and Stacy finally get their happy ending, I have enjoyed these character and will missing reading about them.

Mira is a stained glass Artist restoring windows of churches that were ruined by Katrina. I like the details that Erica goes into so that you get a better idea of the work that goes in to stained glass windows, and how Katrina is still affecting the people of New Orleans.

The case was really interesting, as it had a religious angles, relationship, mental health. There were certain aspects of the story that I figured out, but the main parts I hadn’t. The story as always kept me engrossed I don’t know where Erica get these idea from. Although this is the last book in this series Erica has many other books that I will be adding to my to be read list.

People that like authors like Karen Rose, Catherine Coulter and JT Ellison then give Erica Spindler a read. You wont regret it but maybe your bank balance may haha.

I give this book 4 out of 5

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Thanks for reading.

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