Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer

Book 3 in the reimagining of the classic fairy tale princess. Cress introduces us to Crescent Moon the lunar shell that is lunar best hacker. Impriosoned in a satellite orbiting earth spying on the world leaders for Levana. She hate spying and want to help Cinder stop Levana, 

Cress find away off her Satellite but her freedom will cost Cinders group of rebels. While Cinder has to deal with repercussions of Cress freedom she also has to find away to stop Kai from marrying Levana as this would be the world downfall.

I do enjoy this series there are something that I find a little predictable, but that doesn’t stop my enjoyment of the book. 

I related to Cress and her finding her strength and bravery from pretending to be a character in a story.  

The next and finally book in the series is Winter, Cress answered certain questions and got me ready for the next book. I am glad that it didn’t leave us on a cliff hanger as my Friend is still reading Winter so I’ve got a couple of days before I can read it.

4 out of 4


Thanks for reading 

Gem x


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