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Snared (Elemental Assassin # 16)

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I will warn you all now I am currently on holiday (writing this on the balcony over looking Zante town) so I plan to do a LOT of reading so be prepared for a lot of post in the next week.I started my holiday off by reading Snared the 16 book in the Elemental Assassin series, I was really annoyed with myself when I got off the plane and realised I haven’t read book 15. I am really OCD about reading books in order so I am really annoyed with myself. The good thing was that could still follow what I was happening and didn’t spoil my enjoyment and understanding of the story.

Quick overview Gin is an Assassin with the ability to manipulate Stone and Ice, she has become the head of the Ashland underworld after getting revenge on the person that murder her mother and sister. This position is something that Gin never wanted but will do what she has to, to keep the people she cares about safe.

In this book Gin is following up leads on the ‘Circle’ the Group that controls Ashland , the people that are people arranged the murder of her mother and sister. While Gin tries to find the leader of the Circle, she most help a friend find her missing Sister and stop a serial killer.

The reasons I love this series;

1. I love female Assassin’s.

2. Gin and Owen relationship. Owen is Gin boyfriend who believes in Gin and doesn’t act like he need to come and save the day. Normally she the one saving people.

3. Gin foster brother Finn, he is just funny and loyal and the banter between him and other character is always fun.

4. Sophie being so good at getting rid of bodies.

5. How kickass Gin is and her inner monologue.

6. The relationship between Gin family and friends.

This series is well worth a read, if you like Assassin, kick ass women, a crime underworld filled with vampires, dwarfs, giant and magic.

4 out of 5 


Thanks for reading 

Gem x

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