Cold Reign (Jane Yellowrock series 11#) by Faith Hunter 

Book 2 in my holiday reading marathon is Cold Reign by Faith Hunter, this is book 11 in the Jane Yellowrock series. 
Quick overview Jane Yellowrock is a Cherokee Skinwalker vampire slayer. She end up in New Orleans after taking a contract with the master of the city, she ended up being his enforcer and the once loner has ended up with close friends and family of her own. She now has to worry about protect herself as well as them.
This book follows as the New Orleans must deal with unhanded ancient European vampires as they try to undermined the master of the city Leo and take his territory for themselves. It’s up to Jane and her team to save New Orleans, but this time Jane strength and magic or put to the test.
I really like Jane as a character as even though she has these amazing powers she still has worries and issues like everyone else. I’m glad that she found happiness as it helps balance out all the bad she got to go through. I loved reading the part with her and Bruiser as you get to see a different side to her.

 My favourite quote from this book is Jane saying “Beast wants to hunt cows inside your fancy car,” I need someone to draw this picture as I think it would be amazing.  

Faith Hunter always write an intriguing stories, the action builds and builds drawing you more into the story. When you think that must be it more happens.
The reasons why I love this series;
1: Jane is funny and can kick ass
2: The dynamics between Jane and the Younger brothers. Love the banter between them.

3: Bruiser aka George Dumas added bonus that he love Jane in any form.

4: Jane nicknames for people, I wish I was that good at coming up with nicknames.

5: Beast the mountain lion soul that lives with in Jane. It’s nice seeing different perspective in the one person and the deals they make on how to deal with situations.

6: Couples that fight together, When Jane and George fight bad vampires together is a sight to behold. My favourite couples are always fight together I must have a type haha.

Faith Hunter has created this world that has our favourite supernatural creatures ( Vampires/ Were and witches) and add some interesting ones to the mix. The action for this book take place in New Orleans and Faith has made the location just as important as the characters. 
I give this book 4 out of 5. 

Thanks for reading
Gem x


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