Etched in Bones (The Others #5) by Anne Bishop 

Etched in Bones is book 5 in Anne Bishops series The Others. 
The book follows Meg a blood prophet and Simon a wolf shifter. The world is coming to turns with the retaliation of the Elders of the Other due to the attack my the Human First and last. Lakeside is being watched by the Elders to get a better of which human can be trusted or not. As lakeside have a community of both human and Others work in peace. 

This peace is disturbed by the arrival of lieutenant Montgomery shady brother, who is only out for himself. His arrival in Lakeside could cause bigger ramifications not just for Lakeside but other areas as well.
I really enjoy reading the book from Simon perspective as he is a wolf living with human and trying to make sense of them. May time Simon reaction to the exploding fluff balls (Meg female pack) has made me laugh and smile. 
My favourite new character was Miss Twyla she is lieutenant Montgomery mother, and she has taken the roll of mother of the pack. She has no problems speaking her mind and doing what she thinks best. She is very nonsense which is enjoyable to read.
I enjoy this series because it nice having a fresh telling of the supernatural creatures. Especially in this series it the other in charge and not humans, and humans have to respect the fact that if they cross them they will eaten. 

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 

Thanks for reading  

Gem x 


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