FairyLoot June 2017 Unboxing.

It that time again where I talk about what I got in this months Fairyloot box, this month theme is Elementalist.

One of the reason I really like with the FairyLoot box is that you get a candle. This months Candle is from Witchwood Remedies. Five different candles were sent out based on the stormhearts from this month book. The candle I got was the Firestorm to me it smells like ginger and fire. TBH it reminds me of a spa treatment that I once had which is a great things to be reminder of after a long day at work.

I love when I get jewellery in these boxes and I wasn’t disappointed with the Hamsa Hand Bracelet from In the Moment. The bracelet is beautiful and delicate, I stopped wearing bracelets as I keep banging against my keyboard at work and would annoy me. I don’t have this problem and I have been wearing the bracelet every day.

I love lip barm and I was so happy to see one created by Geeky Clean.  The barm are based on Avatar The Last Airbender, they created 4 different types representing the four elements. I got Water Bender Mint flavor and vegan.

I love stationary and was happy to find in the box that FairyLoot has created Potion Sticky note, Purple for Health, blue for magic power and yellow for stamina. I can see many potion sticky note in my notebook in the future.

Ascent Bath and Body have made a Clairvoyance soap exclusively for the Fairyloot that smells amazing. I love that its charcoal andI cant wait to remove the toxins from my skin.

I was exited about the next item as FairyLoot hinted about it before the boxes were posted and that was a Pillowcase designed by Miss Phi. The pillowcase has a Stephan King reference “Books are a uniquely portable magic’. The pillowcase is great quality and now has pride of place on my bed.

This months book is by Cora Carmack called Roar, a book that follows a women born to be Queen the only issue is that her magic has not manifasted, this is a problem as her family magic keeps people safe and if she doesnt have it this may cause problems for the Royal family. This book is full or romance magic and advanture.

The book was realised the 13th June in the UK and can be found below:


Book Depository

Barnes & Noble

Thanks for reading

Gem x




      1. Yay!!!! I like to hear that. I might not be able to subscribe to FairyLoot since shipping to the US is not the cheapest but I’m getting my first @OwlCrate this month. Can’t wait to see what’s in it.


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