Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller

Mask of Shadows in the debut novel of Linsey Miller. The story lead is Sal a orphan and a thief, Sal  is fed up with life as a Highway thief, and want to get revenge on the nobles that let her home be destroyed and her family murdered. Sal find a poster giving people the chance to be in the Queens Left hand a group of assassins that kill on the queens orders. This is the chance Sal has been looking for, all Sal has to do is survive the test, but that’s not as easy as Sal might hope.

I really liked the fact that Sal is gender fluid, the focus on Sal as a person and Sal achievements and failure are not tinged with gender bias. It’s also an interesting the interaction with the other character trying to find out Sal gender. Also Sal has a romance and it nice to reads a romance that not affected by gender, the only barriers are rank and the fact Sal could die at any moment.

The book reminded me of a Throne of Glass with the competition to be the Monarch assassin,  this competition is more brutal more like the Hunger Games fight to the death.

The book is a good starting point for the series, I hope in the next book we get to learn more about Sal and more about the world that this book is set in. Some people may not like the little information we get about Sal appearance, but it makes sense to me as she join the competition she is giving up her identity. Sal face in public will be hidden meaning Sal could be anyone.

If you want more Information about the author click here.

The book is published for digital on 29th August and book form 1st September and you can pre order it now.


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I give this book;

4.4 out 5

🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓

👓 👓 👓 👓

Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks for giving me the chance to read the book.

Thanks for reading

Gem x


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