Dreamwielder (The Dreamwielder Chronicles #1) by Garrett Calcaterra

Dreamwielder is the first book in the Dreamwielder Chronicles by Garrett Calcaterra. The author brings us into a world where dreaming can get you killed.

Makarria is a farm girl living in a world ruled by Emperor Thedric Guderian a man who wishes to remove magic from the world. He believes that technology is the future and will stop at nothing to make his image of the world happen. Makarria life is no longer simple when she has to hide from the Emperor men who look for her as she is a Dreamwielder. Dreamwielder is the most powerful of all sorcerer, and the Emperor can not allow her to live as Dreamwielder have the power to create anything they dream. Makarria journey is intertwined with Princess Taera, her headstrong brother, Prince Caile. This three maybe the only hope that the Five Kingdoms have to stop Emperor Thedric dictatorship.

I enjoyed the author different take on sorcery, as I have never read another character with powers like a Dreamwielder, their abilities only restricted by their own imagination. Although I wouldn’t want people to see what I was dreaming .

One of my favorite character evolutions is Princess Taera, for me once she accepted who she truly was, was when she started to come into her own.

I hope to see more of an evolution with Makarria in the next book, she has the most to come deal with but I felt with the smallest change in her character. This maybe more of an age thing as she is the youngest of the protagonists.

I am glad that this story was wrapped in this book, and I wasn’t left on a cliff hanger. The story ended resolved this story arch but left the story open for the next book.  It does make me wonder what will happen for our trio in Souldrifter.

If you would like information about the author click here.

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I give this book 3.8

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Thanks for reading

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