The Ninth Circle (The Ninth Circle #1) By C.A Harland

The Ninth Circle by C.A Harland is the first book in the Ninth Circle series. The reason I wanted to read with this book was this description, as it reminded me of Supernatural and I love that show.

The book follows Tala and Aiva Morgenstern their younger sister Hartley has gone missing. This is more worrying than for normal families, due to the fact that they are Nighthunters. Nighthunters are the people who hunt the monsters in the world, this time they are hunting Demon as they run the Dublin criminal underground and that is the only link to Hartley. Aiva was trying to have normal life when Hartley went missing, Tala and Aiva now have to work together, as they work though each Circle of hell to find Hartley.

The boom reminded me in parts of supernatural with a little bit of Charmed mixed in. Tala reminds me of Dean more shot first ask questions later and Aiva as Sam the bookworm. Although I think Tala is more hot-headed, she is more driven by her emotion than she would want to believe.

I related more to Aiva as a character, she is the one to do the reading and researching. She is also conflicted she want to have her own life away from monsters, but her childhood training means she can’t help herself when she comes across a Demon she can’t help put get involved.

This book took my by surprise, at the beginning of the book I thought I knew what I would be getting into, but I was wrong. The book shocked me several times with twist I would never guess, the twist took it further from my Supernatural/ Charmed first impression.

This book is on my series to watch, this take on this genre is interesting and I look forward to what other twist are in store for the Morgenstern sisters.

I give this book 4.6

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If you would like to know more about the author C.A Harland click HERE.

The book is going to be released in October 2017

Thanks for reading

Gem x


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