Ride the Storm (Cassandra Palmer #8) by Karen Chance

Ride the Storm is the eighth book in the Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance.

As this is book 8 I will do a quick recap about the series so it makes a little more sense.

The Cassandra Palmer world exists with vampires, fey, ghosts, witches and gods. Cassandra herself is a seer, she spent her children in a the home of a Tony a vampire who acted like a 1920’s gangster. Cassandra escaped from Tony and is in hiding, as the supernatural community would all love to have their personal seer. Life becomes more complicated for Cassandra when she becomes the worlds chief seer, not everyone is happy that the power and others are trying to use her. She also has to stop the Gods coming back as they will want to destroy the world, all while learning about her powers, dealing with politics of the supernatural world and trying to get herself killed.

This series happens of a couple of months, there is only days between this book and book 7 Reap the Wind. In this book Cassie has to stop Aries coming back, as one of the trainee seer is jumping through time trying to find a powerful object to break the wall between their world and Aries world. While trying to stop the end of the world she is trying to save the soul of John Pritkin who has been cursed and his soul is being erased from time. Although it never just that simple for Cassie and their is several things she has to do before jumping back in time, as well as dealing with the people who don’t want her messing up the timeline.

One of the reason I like this series is how the author has mixed different mythology and weaving them into the story. she has Greek mythology in with the Gods, Cassie main Vampire Mireca is brother the Vlad the first Vampire. In this book we get to see King Arthur and Camelot, with a very different fey spin to it.

I really like Cassie as a character she very realistic in her reactions to the crazy things in her life. She has experience masking her thought to the outside world most of the time, but her inner monologue tells us she not as calm and collected as she wants to be. It also nice to see the hero of the story struggle with want she has to deal with and just want people to ok with that. This quote is one of my favourite from the book for that very reason.

“That’s another thing the movies get wrong. Why is the hero always so damn manly? Why is it not okay to scream a little when it feels like you just shattered a kneecap? Why are you supposed to suck it up and soldier on, without even a curse or two? Is that reasonable?”

This book is filled with none stop action and drama, the book is fast paced there is always going on. In this book we get more information about so everything that has been going on previous book start to make more sense.

I was reading this book on my tablet and keep pressing the screen hoping for more pages when the book ended, It really did leave me wanting more.

I give this book 4.7 out of 5



If you would like more information about the author Karen Chance click HERE.

This book comes out 1st August 2017, below are some links if you would like to pre-order the book.

Amazon UK

Book depository


The first book in the series is called Touch the Dark and you can purchase a copy at the below retailers.

Amazon UK

Book depository


Thank you to Netgalley and Berkeley Publishing Group for allow me a copy of the book to review.

Thanks for reading as always

Gem x


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