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Roar (Stormhearts #1) by Cora Carmack

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Roar is the first book in the Stormheart series by Cora Carmack, this is the book I got in my June FairyLoot box. When I read the description of the book I was exited to read it, it was a book right up my reading alley.

The book follows Aurora ‘Rora’ Pavan the sole heir to the Pavan Throne. Her family has ruled due to their power of repelling the magically storms, the only problem is that Aurora has no magic. If the Kingdom found out the Pavan would lose their throne, to stop this happening Aurora mother and the Queen has arranged a married to another royal family with the aim of her husband dealing with the storms keeping Aurora lack of magic a secret. Everything changed when Aurora find a group of storm hunter that were born without but now have magic, something that Aurora has been told is impossible. Aurora does not want to marry a prince she does not trust, so she decided that if she can steal magic she won’t need to marry the prince. Which would she can save her own Kingdom and stop having to carry so many secrets.

Aurora is a really interesting character she is smart and brave, she has many different sides to her. Aurora is split in two the person she is and the person she wants to be, by hiding her secrets of her lack of magic she is shy and lack certain people skills. The person that she wants to be is strong and adventurous both sides of her are stubborn. As the book progresses you get to see the different side of Aurora battle out to find how who she is without the pressures of being queen.

I loved the bickering between Aurora and Lockes there both like storm both trying to win when really they would be perfect together.

This book is a really good read, I liked the take on magic storms and stormheart as its own form of magic compared to element magic. If people like the Truthwitch story by Susan Dennard then the book is a must.

I give this book

4.6 out of 5



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