The Waking Land by Callie Bates

I was lucky enough to receive an Advanced Reader Copy of The Waking Land by Cassie Bates in my May Illumicrate.

The book follows Lady Elanna Valtai she has been held hostage by the King because her father tried to start a rebellion to place someone else on the Throne. Elanna has spent 14 years in his court treated like another daughter, but the King suddenly dies and Elanna is frames for his murder. Elanna has to run for her life and the only place that is safe for her is her homeland to her parent that’s she has seen in years. When she get home she finds that her father has started the rebellion again and he wants Elanna to be the face of it. Elanna has to decided which side or the war she will be one the land that she born on or the land she was brought up on. While she having  to come to terms with her what her life becomes, she is also coming to terms with who she truly is  and the power she has been trying to hide since she was a child.

Elanna is a really interesting character and relatable as she struggled to find the out the truth out what she has been told her whole life. She has spent most of her life believing the words of the King to find out that everything that he has said and done wasn’t done with the utmost truth. I find her struggle felt real, as anyone knows what it feels like to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The book and its world gripped me from the beginning to the end. The magic connection with the land was an interesting take on earth magic, and its was nice not knowing what could be truest done with it till nearer the end. The book also has a little romance which is alway nice to see especially in the middle of war, it’s the little bit of light in the dark journey that Elanna has to take.

I am glad that the author finished the book in a way that it end this part of the story, but left knowing that there is more to come.

Callie Bates is an author now on my watch for list.

I give this book 4.4



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The book is out and if you would like to purchase a copy I’ve put some links below ⬇️

Amazon UK

Book depository



Thanks for reading

Gem x


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