The Bone Season (The Bone Season #1) by Samantha Shannon

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon is the first book in The Bone Season series.

Samantha Shannon has created an alternative world in which for 200 years being any form of clairvoyant is illegal with the penalty of death. The UK Government have been telling people that being a clairvoyants is unnatural and it is an illness.

The Book follows Paige a rare clairvoyant she has the ability for her spirit to leave her body and see into people dreamscape. To stay safe and to find out more about her gift she joined a crime syndicate and moved up the ladder and now is a high member.

Paige life changes one night when she is caught and taken to a secret location. Paige find out that everything the Government has said is a lie, they send clairvoyant into slavery to a Race called the Rephaim. This is payment for the Rephaims killing creatures from the Aether that feast on Human and animal flesh. Paige keeper is called The Warden the Blood Consort to the Rephaim leader, he has never taken in a human before but Paige is a special case. Now all Paige is to escape from this living hell and on her journey she will have to find out who she can or can not trust, and how strong she really is.

It’s a very scary world that Samantha Shannon, she has turned UK into a country with no free movement. A world that is controlled by fear, manipulation and what people are willing to do to survive. It makes me question if I was in Paige positions how would I cope.

This book is amazing heart racing book, a story that is muti layer in a vivid world. I never know what was going to happen next, which kept me engaged until the last word.

Paige is fascinating character, by the end of the book I am so invested in her as a character that my heart broke slightly, with her interaction with the Warden. Paige has been broken down and is building herself back up and I am interested to see what happens in the next book The Mime Order.

This is the first book that I listen too, I did enjoy listening to the book as it helped me with the pronunciation with names and it felt like Paige was telling me her story personally. Although nothing can top the feeling of reading a book in bed.

This book is for anyone that likes strong female character, a world with magic, a character fighting for their life against a corrupt Government, and the beginning of a revolution that will change the world.

I give this book 5 out of 5

🤓🤓🤓 🤓🤓

If you would like to know more about the author Samantha Shannon click HERE

If you would like to join me in reading The Bone Season I have put some links below.

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Thanks for reading

Gem x



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