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The Mime Order (The Bone Season #2) by Samantha Shannon

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The Mime Order is the second book in The Bone Season heptalogy by Samantha Shannon.  The book starts up where it left off in The Bone Season, Paige has escaped Sheol 1 and is on the train back to London with the other survivors and the other member of her gang the seven dials.

Paige is recovering from her treatment in Sheol 1 and trying to find her place in the world again now she knows the truth. Paige want to tell the world the truth about Scion and its deal with the Rephaim, but her Mime lord Jaxon want to act like nothing happen and to continue like before. Paige has to deal with being the most wanted criminal in Scion, the only place that she is safe is with Jaxon, but this is another type of slavery. Things become more difficult when Paige is framed for the murder of a high member of the syndicate. Paige will take desperate measures to get the syndicate on her side to fight, but she will find out that not everyone is as clueless to what Scion is doing than she thought.

When I finished this book my heart was in my mouth, I had connected so much to Paige as a character that I couldn’t sleep, my mind and emotions where buzz at a 100 miles a minute due to the ending. The book went into directions that I hadn’t seen coming, but weaved in such a way that it made complete sense.

The first story was based in mainly ins Sheol 1, we are got to really see the seven dials and Scion london from Paige memories. In this book we are more immersed the London, and the seven dials underworld. Paiges rose-tinted glasses have fallen off regarding Jaxson, one of the interesting things about this book for me was their interaction and ‘banter’.

The next book in the series is The Song Rising I am going to have a couple of days break between the book just to cool off a little.

I give this book 5 out of 5.

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