The Doll House By Phoebe Morgan

The Doll House is the debut novel by Phoebe Morgan, this book is mystery crime thriller.

The book follows Corinne, her boyfriend Dominic and Corinne sister Ashley. Corinne is struggling her latest attempt of IVF has failed, and now she is on the last attempt. When she starts to find piece of her old Doll’s house in her flat, taken this a sign from her deceased father that everything will be ok.  This signs start to take a sinister turn, is someone watching her and getting into her flat? She tries to tell her boyfriend Dominic but he thinks it just stress of trying for a baby. She tells her sister Ashley but Ashley brushes it off as she has her own problems, her husband is working all hours, her oldest daughter is keeping secrets and her youngest daughter wont sleep through the night.

The book is a slow build but that builds to the suspense of the book and helps its creepy undertone. The book is told in 4 perspective, with one of the perspective as an unknown character. Having the unknown character story builds up the suspense as you start to realise how their story connects to Corinne family, and a deadly secret that neither Corinne and Ashley knew about until it was too late.

I felt sorry for Corinne in the story as she wasn’t really listened too, her family explained her behaviour on her anxiety and stress of trying for a baby.

The way the book ended I am left wondering if we could be seeing Corinne in another book.

If you want to read about that make you wonder if your been watched then give this book a read.

Thank you NetGalley and HQ digital for a copy of this book to review.

I give this book 4 out of 5.


To find out more about Phoebe Morgan you can click HERE

The Doll House is published on the 14th Septemeber 2017, to order a copy you can click on a link below. ⬇

Amazon UK



Thanks for reading

Gem x


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