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Illumicrate #8 Unboxing

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I can’t believe it has been three months since my last Illumicrate unboxing.

I am have been lucky that in the last two Illumicrate books have had two book. Which for a bookworm like me is amazing.

Book 1 is the highly anticipated book by Leigh Bardug, its Wonder Woman: Warbringer. The book follows Diana Princess of the Amazons, as she tries to prove herself to her warrior sister.

Book 2 is a advanced reader copy of Nyxia by Scott Reintged. This is the first book in the Nyxia traid series, the book follow Emmett who has been choicen as one of the 10 to go to a planet called Eden and be rewarded witha lot of money. Emmett finds out that their are many secerts on the ship, and what will Emmett do to win his fortune is he willing to give up what makes him human?

In the box contained The Red Church Tea by T-ology. The tea contains Elderberries, grapes, blackberries, hibiscus blossom, raspberries, blackcurrents and cherry pieces.

I love shakespeare and zip bags so the bag with artwork from Miss Phi is perfect. It has the quote “Seek happy nights to happy days“.

I love a good notebook, and the Wisdom Journal with a it dot grid is a perfect addition to me collection. Hey Atlas Creatice has beautiful desgined the cover.

The first item that I orginally pulled from the box was the Book money jar which is already being filled. The money jar has been created by Blossom books how also created the sticky bookmarks to help flag your favourtie book moments.

The box also contained a beautiful Alethiometer Coaster by Hannah Hitchman Art.

Illumicrate is a good subscription box for anyone that doesnt want to get a monthly subscription box.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x


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