Invictus by Ryan Graudin

Invictus by Ryan Graudin was one of the books I was lucky enough to pick up a copy at YALC. The book came out on the 21st September in the UK 26th September in USA.

This book really took my interest as I love sci-fi and history this book has both in spades..

The book follows Farway McCarthy, a boy born outside of time. His mum is a time traveler that gave birth the Farway as she traveled back from Rome time to her present. When Farway grows up that all he wants to be is a time traveler but when he fails he fails his final exam, his dreams are dashed until he is given a second chance. This second chance is not legal to be a captain of his own time travel ship he will go back in time, and steal things from history disaster. When Farway tries to steal a book from the titanic he meet a girl, who end up changing how Farway and his crew see time, and finally answer some of Farway questions about his Heritage.

I love the idea that in the future we have the ability to go back in time, and record historical events. That the entertainment of the future is watching the past. I think I would want to be a historian and get to research the time period and sort out the clothing. Being the person that goes out and records history sound fun but I would want to interact with people instead of just watching them.

One of my favourite characters is Farway cousin Imogen, a free spirit historian with ever-changing hair colour, confident in everything other than her love life.

The Story is interesting, gripping and takes turns you would never of guessed. The characters are intriguing and charming that you would also like them as your friends.

I give this book 5 out of 5


To find out more about the author Ryan Graudin click here.

Thanks for reading

Gem x


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