Book Box Club September 2017 Outlaw Unboxing

I was very exited to receive my first Book Box Club box, I signed up for the box when I was at YALC and I got meet the lovely Libby and Kate.

I love bookish socks, so when I pulled out the Sante Sock that the Book Box club had desgined I couldn’t wait to wear them. The socks have been desgined with the heroine of this month book in mind

As a Harry Potter lover, I love the Marauders Postcards created by The Imaginative Illustrator . Now I can’t decide to keep them to myself, or start sending them to my friends with book recomendations on them.

I am obssessed with lip balm, so I was so happy when I pulled out the Inej Lipbalm by Oriandle  its caramel and cinnamon flavoured.

I love a good bookmark, and Marked by Hephastus has created this pretty Robin Hood magnetic bookmark, so that I can carry an Outlaw where ever I have a book.

The book is this months box, is A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars by Yaba Badoe, the book follows an orphaned girl Sante who is shipwreck and joins a travelling circus, but the ghosts from her past refuse to leave her in peace.

As it was the Book Box club 1st anniversary, their was two bonus items in the box. A yummy Birthday Biscuit made by Nila Holden and a extra book from their publisher friends. The book I got was My Side of the Diamond by Sally Gardner, the book is about Jazmin a girl that is being shunned ever since her best friends Becky disappeared. Becky disappearces is strange as she jumped of a tall building, but never reached the ground. She just vanished into think air. now Jazmin has to find out if she has something to do with becky disppearence or the strange and beguiling Icarus, the boy Becky was besotted with.

I can’t wait to join in, in my first members online book group. I loved having a scoll in my box, more things need to be in scoll form.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x


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