Nomad ( Rubicon # 1) By James Swallows

I have Nomad in my TBR pile and after binge watching Strike Back ,this seem the prefect time to read it.

This book follows Marc Dane a MI6 officer, who is the man behind the computer for his team. Everything changes when Marc and his team mission ends tragically, and he is the only survivor, when Marc get back to MI6 headquarters he is treated as a suspect and a traitor to the crown. Marc is on the run and been disavowed, he has know one that he can turn too to clear his name. Until the Rubicon group steps in with the help of Lucy Keyes Ex US Army solider, she has the skills that Marc doesnt. Between the two of them they have to stop a terror attack of epic size. 

I was total gripped in this book, that I also downloaded it on audible so I could listen to while I worked. The book splits perspective allowing a clearer picture of what is happening, but also what is really at stake.  It also made me become more emotional invested in the characters, especially the younger one.

This books pulled me in as due to the current war on terror, it made the story feel more real. Especially with the protagonist Mac Dane, as he is more brains of an operation, he’s not the Jason Bourne or Jame Bond type making it more realistic.

This book is a must read for anyone that enjoys spy thrillers.

I give this book 4.7 out of 5.


The second book in the series called Exile and is already out,the third book in the series is out 31 May 2018 and it called Ghost.

Thanks for reading

Gem x


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