Dark in Death (In Death #46) by J.D Robb

It’s that time of the year when another In Death book is published this time with Dark in Death, and I get to mentally visit Eve and Roarke.


Eve Dallas is called to a scene at where a young woman has been murders at the screening of Hitchcock Psycho. The murderer has stabbed an actress in the back of the neck with an ice pick, than disappeared into the crowd into Times Square. As Eve starts her investigation she get a visit from a crime author, who tells Eve that this victim is the 2nd person to die in the way she has killed people in her books.

Eve does not believe in coincidences, and starts to look into both cases. Instead of looking for patterns MO DNA etc, but this time the only thing that Eve has to guide her is the books. She will have to figure out how this murderer will reimage this murders in the real world, and how she will stop her before someone else dies.




I have always wanted to read a book where someone decided to murder people and takes their inspiration from crime fiction. This story did not disappoint, I liked the reasoning behind the murders as it make the story more interesting. I alway in awe with J.D Robb writing and the fact that although she doesn’t have to rely on the future element of her stories to make her murders different. She is great at showing that murder is the same in the past or the future.

This book did not feature Summerset as he was still away on his Winter vacation, although I did miss the banter between Summerset and Eve. I enjoyed the freedom Eve and Roarke had by being the only one in their very large home.  We got to see more of Galahad and he was great, I am not a cat person but I would make an exception for him.

I was also pleased to see in this book that Nadine my by finding some love of her own, also I love the way in which Eve slightly goes Cop on him, so she can decide if she likes him or not.

This series is still one of my favourite and I give this book 5 out of 5


I would recommend this book/ series  to anyone that like;

  • Crime Fiction
  • Romance
  • Based in the future
  • Strong Female Cops
  • Billionaire ex-bad boy.
  • If you want to get into a series with lots more books to read.

Thank to Netgalley for giving me a copy of this book to read for a honest review.

Thanks for reading

Gem x




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