WaR: Wizard and Robots by Will.i.am and Brian David Johnson

Ever since I heard at YALC that Will.i.am was bring out a YA book I was really intrigued to read it.


When a man called Geller break into Ada Lurings home and tells her that he is a wizard, and he has come to save her life. Ada finds it very hard to believe;

  1. He is a Wizard
  2. A Group of Wizard are coming to kill her and her mother for creating the first true Robot.

Geller quickly convinces Ada that what he says is true, and rush off to save her mother. Things start to become even weirder when trying to escape the evil wizard a Robot comes from the future to protect Ada. He believes that she is the key to saving the future world from the spawn. Ada, Geller and the Robots must learn to work together to save the people Ada care for as well as the future world.


This book is fast paced, like really faced paced it feels like you reading a book at 100 miles per hour. This doesn’t surprised me as one of the author is Will.i.am and I feel like his brain and imagination must always be going at 100 miles per hour.

The book takes place is three different periods of time and it jump from one period of time to another. At the beginning I wasn’t sure how it was all connected but as the book continues it starts to make sense. I would like to read more about the past the impact the Wizards had on it.

This book has both science fiction elements with the Robots and fantasy with the wizards, I found that I preferred the robot characters more than the wizards. They felt more well-rounded, where most of the wizards are they to be one of the main antagonist.

My favourite character in the book  is Kipp Ada Robot, he is kind loyal and clumsy. I feel like I met a kindred spirit in Kipp with his ability his balance issue and walking into things. (Falling over thin air is my special gift.) I would Kipp to be my robot.

The book ended in a way that make be believe that this may not be the last we hear from the world of Wizard and Robots.

If you like quick paced Sci-fi fantasy book I would give this book a go. This book has a lot going on in it, so be prepared.

I give this book 3.5 out of 5


Thanks to NetGalley for the copy of the book for a honest and fair review.

Thanks for reading,

Gem x

P.S In the Acknowledgements there is something written in code, I have decoded the message ( I couldn’t help myself) and if your interested you can read it below;


Decoded Message.

If you are reading this then you know that Wizards and Robots are real.
The battle has just begun.
We need your help.



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