Grave Ransom (Alex Craft #5) by Kalayna Price

The Alex Craft series is one of the series that I can say that really got me interested in reading more books with Fae characters. I was glad when I final got round to reading Grave Ransom.


Alex Craft is a Grave witch, she is no stranger to speaking to the dead, as the owner of Tongue for the dead a private investigation agency. She makes her living rising the shades of the dead, she give has a ghost on her books. So when Alex says someone who is walking around is dead, there dead. But this shouldn’t be possible, Ghost, Fae witches yes, but not the walking dead.

Alex ends up working with Briar Darque of the Magical Crimes Investigation Bureau (introduced in Book 4) to solve why the dead are walking and to stop the havoc that they are causing on the living.

While dealing with this case she still got to deal with her castle that hidden in a pocket outside her legal home, dating Death and Falin still living with her.


After all the drama with the Fae courts in the previous book, it was nice to have a book that focus more on Alex world outside of the Fae Courts. I like crime fiction books so I loved the mix of the fantasy with the crime element in this story.

One of the reason I enjoy this book is the world that Kalayna created, one of the elements I really enjoy is Kalayna take on witches. In this world witches pay a prices for the use of magic and that prices tends to be their health. As Alex ability is to see things other people can’t see, this means that Alex is loosing her eye sight and is sometimes tempoary blind. Kalayna is very clever when she writes those scenes as and how Alex deals with it.

Not everyone will like Briar Darque, but I did although she can come off harsh and she puts Alex in some not great situations. The banter between the two of them is funny and if I was against some evil magical creature I would want her at my back.

The story is engaging with some great twists and turns, it will be interesting to see what happens next and see how this book effects over relationship.

This series has always had a love triangle going on between Alex, Death and Falin, after reading all the book I am on team Falin. I love the relationship between Alex and Death, that he is always there to help her when she is in trouble. I just can’t get over the fact he can’t tell Alex his name.

I give this book 5 out of 5


To find out more about Kalayna click HERE.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x


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