The Confession by Jo Spain

The Confession by Jo Spain is a book I was intrigued to read as, it focus more on the why than the who.


Late one night Julie and Harry McNamara life changes forever, a man walks into their million euro  home in Dublin. The strange goes on to brutal attack Harry while Julie in fear can watch on. 

Just an hour later, JC Carney the man that attacked Harry McNamara hands himself into the police, admitting murder but that it wasn’t premeditated. Detective Alice Moody finds this strange as Harry McNamara has been all over the press for the last several year, more recently on trial on fraud chargers due to his bank. 

Now Julie and the police have to find out why JC Carney murdered Harry McNamara, was this a random act of violence or was he murdered due to Harry many sins. 


When I was reading The Confession I felt that I was reading Julie and JP diary. I felt like a shouldn’t be reading there in a most secrets, but I couldn’t put the book down. 

The books chapter take turns between Julie, JP and Detective Alice Moody. Alice chapter were great as they connected the stories together, and I liked the fact that she wouldn’t give up, she knew that there was more to this case and she kept going till she got the answers. 

As the book continues you start to realised that the victim Harry wasn’t a very nice guy (and that’s putting it nicely) Which makes it harder to feel sorry for him. His wife  Julie is a polarising character, parts of the story I felt sorry for her and the other part she annoyed me and I thought she need to get a grip of herself. It adds another level to the psychological thriller as you do not no what side to be on. 

Towards the end of the Book I thought I had figured everything out but the author surprised me with one final twist, and what a twist it was. 

This book is great for fans of crime fiction that love the why behind the crime.

Jo Spain is a author that I will be definitely I will be keeping a eye for.

Thank you Bookbridgr for the copy of the book so I could read it for a honest review.

4 out 5


If you would like to find out more about the author Jo Spain click HERE.

Thank for reading

Gem x


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