Book Box Club February 2018 Into Dystopia Unboxing

Its unboxing time!!

This months Book Box Club theme is Dystopia.


Item 1:

Arrow Pen designed by Book Box Club, this pen was inspired by dystopia heroine Katniss Everdeen. This pen is great to write with when you feeling like a writing some kiss ass notes. 

Item 2:

Supplies to stay alive Pad by Bread and Jam, this note-book is perfect writing out your survival plan or you TBR list. It also looks great with the Arrow Pen. 

Item 3:

Handmaid’s Tale Cuff by Beautifully Bookish, this beautiful cuff bracelet with a hand stamped with a quote from the book.

Item 4:

Emergency Zesty Orange Chocolate bar by Gnaw, everyone needs an emergency chocolate bar. This one is perfect for that with its dark chocolate and zesty orange flavour, it a great pick me up if you every find your self in a dystopia. 

Item 5:

Dauntless Tea by Craft Tea Company,this tea is lemon and ginger flavoured inspired by the Divergent series. As they say everything is better after a cuppa tea, and in a dystopian world you will need a lot of tea.


OutWalkers by Fiona Shaw

Set in an England in the near future, Outwalkers follows a gang of kids and their perilous journey to make it through a country where the government is tracking everyone and their every move is analyzed and controlled. They must live on their wits, and must work together to survive and escape.

This book is out in the UK but won’t be published in the USA till 2019. 


Thanks for reading

Gem x


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