Reign the Earth (The Elementae #1) by A.C. Gaughen


I have always been interested in stories where the characters have elemental powers, so when I heard about Reign the Earth by A.C. Gaughen became a must read for me.


To bring peace to her people, Shalia a daughter of the desert will trade her freedom and marry the King of the Bonelands the country they have been at war with for years.

Shalia starts to realise that he husband Calix motives are not driven by peace but in ridding the world of the Elementae, mystical people that can control one of the four elements. Shalia life becomes even more complicated when starts showing element abilities, which are stronger around her husband brother Galen, who invokes stronger  feeling in Shalia than her husband Calix can. As a rebellion against Calix grows, Shalia will have to decide which side she will fight one, will she fight with the rebellion or with her husband Calix for the last chance of peace.



Reign the Earth is an emotional, action packed rollercoaster of a book, that left me wanting more. I become emotional involved with the characters and the story very quickly. When I was reading the book my heart was either in my throat or my heart-felt like it was going to break. The world that A.C Gaughen has created is truly magical, she has created cultures so rich and diverse that they jump off the page.

Shalia is such an interesting character, she is wise beyond her years. Her love for her family, friends and her people makes her a great queen. I like how surprised people were with her wish to walk and work. These small change having a positive effect on people. Shalia is willing to what she can to achieve peace, she is such a strong woman who is brave in the way she deals with abuse. People be aware that Shalia deals with some dark situations, I felt the author A.C Gaughen has dealt with these topics in an amazing way.

There was something about Calix from the beginning of the book that meant I couldn’t decide if I liked him or not. As the book progressed he became a character that I disliked intently, if I could I would have punched hum through the pages. Calix is a complex character, he may have started his reign doing things for the good of his people and to keep his family safe. But as time has gone on he has become more misguided and influenced by his need for power, doing what is best for himself. I can see Calix becoming a self-serving prophecy.

I have read many books that have magical powers, and if I had magic powers I was always drawn to having fire powers. But after reading Reign the Earth this has changed my mind, I would like to be able to control earth. I like the idea of being able to shaped the earth into anything I wanted.

Piece of advice that I got from this book NEVER tell you child that they are God reincarnated , it will only cause trouble.

This book brings up the question, what would you do for peace?

  • Marry your enemy?
  • Create a Rebel movement?
  • Join a resistance movement?
  • Would you stand by and do nothing?

This book is a great addition to the YA Fantasy Gene and a must read for anyone that enjoyed books like below just to name a few;

  • Given to the Sea
  • City of Brass
  • Red Queen
  • Roar
  • The Last Namsara.

I give this book 4.7 out of 5



Thanks for reading

Gem x


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