Outwalker by Fiona Shaw


Outwalker by Fiona Shaw is the book that I received in my February Book box club box.  This book is out in the UK but will be published in the USA in 2019.42BEEBD8-F756-4D61-88BF-81B223A2665B

In the near future England has closed it borders between England and Scotland as well as the rest of the world. The Government have been telling people it’s for their own safety against terrorist and a deadly virus. They have also implanted chips into every citizen so that they can track their every movement.

A group of kids have decided they do not want to be controlled by the Government and plan to escape to Scotland, the only problem they have is everything is monitored. They will have to use their skills, wits and work together to survive and escape.


This book is a gripping Dystopian fantasy, as it is set in the near future there are many things that make it feel very real. I would love to read a prequel to see how to England ended up this way, as it really interesting premise.  I like the reference to Brexit with the Brexit the musical (I would not be very surprised if this happens.)

My favourite character in the book is Jake Dog Jet, I loved the relationship between Jet and Jake and the other characters. I got more emotional reading parts of this book because of Jet than the other characters.  But I do have two dogs so dogs are my Achilles heal.  My other favourite character pairing was Swift and Cass, Swift is an amazing older sister that will do anything for Cass. I loved the fact that she would carry Cass and wouldn’t complain.

The book is full of mini adventures in this grand story, I really liked the part in the book in the department store. I would love to be able to wonder round late at night in one myself.

The book ended in a way that made wrapped up the current story but left the world open for a return. I would definitely return to this world to see what happen next.

I give this book 4.1 out of 5.


Thanks for reading

Gem x



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