Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian


Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian is the first book in the Ash Princess Trilogy. This book comes out 24th April 2018.


Theodosia was only 6 years only when the Kalovaxians invaded her country Astrea, they murder  her mother in front of her eyes and enslaved her people. For the last 10 years Theo has lived in Kalovaxian court, she is abused and mocked with the title Ash Princess. To survive the abused Theo pretends to be what they want her to be Fearful, complaint, empty-headed and naive. She believes that keeping the Kaiser (King) happy will keep her safe.

Until the Kaiser  forces her execute the only hope Theo has of escaping, she can no longer keep her feeling hidden. She vows she will get her revenge, together with an old friend she throw herself into the plot to destroy the Kaiser throne. She plots to seduce and murder the Kaiser warrior son, but Theo doesn’t realise how hard this would be when she starts to have feeling for him. As her rebellion begins and grows Theo will start to question herself and everyone around her, even her only Friend and Heart Sister Cress. Theo will have to make some hard decisions and sacrifices to help her people and become Queen.


I had only read 30 pages into Ash Princess and I was already crying, this book does not hold any punches. From the beginning you realise that Theo has been through some terrible thing and more terrible things are to come. I also cried at several other part of the book as well, I was surprised how emotional this book made me.

I like that Theo evolves though out the book, when we are first introduced to Theo when she is willing to do anything the kings asked to keep her safe, even accepting the name he gave her the name Thora (Which I decided to google and it means Thunder Goddess and Theodosia means Giver of God.) Once she starts to take back her real name Theodosia you see the change in her, her name given her strength to fight.

This book does deal with magic, the magic of the Air, Earth, Water and Fire. This book has a different spin with magic, you have to be blessed by the God to receive one of those abilities. This happens by going into the cave and be a devote to that God, you would received a stone that helps with you with that power. I like this twist that people are not born with these powers, but have to earn them.

This book has a lot of action, drama and romance, Ash Princess also does deal with a lot of dark topics like abuse, torture, slavery, racism  and it mentions rape. These topic can be difficult for people to read, but I think Laura Sebastian has done a great job showing that you can be broken but you can rebuild yourself.

Thank you Macmillan for sending me  an advance copy of the book to read for a fair and honest review.

I was hooked and read the book in one sitting, I am looking forward to reading what happens next. I give this book 4.7.


Thanks for reading.

Gem x



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