The Smoke Thieves (The Smoke Thieves #1) by Sally Green


I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green in my Rise Up  Illumicrate box.


Four teenagers from different countries, stranger to each other but all of them have the fate of the world in their hands. Who will rise and who will fall and in the end who will win.

The Princess of Brigant, Catherine is preparing to marry a princes from a foreign country to secure a political alliance for her cruel and ambition father. Catherine is preparing herself to being in a loveless marriage especially when her heart below to another.

In Calidor March is the Serevent of the Prince, he is fed up of serving the people that left his people to die in the war. He vows revenge and will travel far and do anything to get it.

In Pitoria Edyon is trying to make the best of his life as an illegitimate son, he has the brains for Law, but due to his status he is not allowed. So he gets his thrills by stealing cheap trinkets, but this time the thing he steals will bring death and danger to all around him.

Tash makes her living in the barren northern territories, she is in the illegal business of hunting Demon. She is only 13 years old but she is fast and uses her speed as she plays bait so that her Demon hunter Gravell can kill and catch the Demon smoke.


It took me a little bit to connect to the characters in The Smokes thieves as the book moves from different perspective telling their side of the story. But as the story continued I slowly began to care about these characters.  There was one character that  I knew from the beginning I was going to hate and that is Catherine brother Boris, (I hate her Father as well but Boris more.)

I really liked the character of Ambrose, he is one of Princes Catherine guards. He is kind and honourable. All I can see when I read about him is those picture you see of a long hair topless man riding a horse on the beach.

has so much detail in every page that you wont want to miss any part of it. The world that Sally has created is so diverse and magical, all the countries are so different and interesting. I’ve decided if I was to live in this world I would want to live in Pitoria, I like the idea of parting and dancing instead of fighting.

I have to say this is one of the prettiest proof I have every received I love the purple sprayed edges.

The book left me wanting more and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

I give this book 4.1 out of 5.


Thanks for reading.

Gem x


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