Furyborn (Empirium #1) by Claire Legrand


I received ARC of Furyborn by Claire Legrand in my Ladies that Slay FairyLoot box, I have seen this book a lot over social media so I was very interested in reading it. Furyborn is being published on the 22nd May 2018.



The World will fall, two Queens will rise, one will be the Sun Queen the other will be the Blood Queen. One Queen will destroy the world the other will save it.

Rielle Dardenne for years has been hiding her powers for years, until one day Assassin attack her best friend the Crown Prince Audric and she must unleash her powers to save him. In doing so she reveals herself to the court and the church as someone who could be the prophecies Sun Queen. To prove herself she is set 7 trials that she needs to pass all 7 if she fails she will be executed.

A thousand years letter the tale of Queen Rielle is treated as a mere fairytale, as magic and Angels no longer exist. Bounty Hunter to the Undying Empire Eliana Ferracora, has embraced violence, after the Empire conquered her home country to keep her family safe. When she is paid to hunt down the rebel captain the Wolf, she take the job as the money could allow her family to relocate. Her world is changed when she comes home from her hunt and finds her Mother missing, and the Wolf her home. He makes her an offer she helps him save someone important to the Rebel and he will help find her mother. On this mission she find out that the heart of the Empire is darker than she could of every imagine, and sometime fairytale and legends are real.


When I first started reading Furyborn, it took me a little bit to understand what was happening, as the story goes between past and present but then the penny dropped and things started to make more sense.

I loved the different take on the powers that people have and the connection to the angels and the elements. I found it really interesting that the people have to have an object to use the power, and that each specific type of object.  I can’t decided which power I would want, many all 7.

I adore the fact that Eliana names her favourite knife, I feel like I need to name my Knife bookmark in her honor.

The trials that Rielle are put though are truly epic reading, I liked the fact that Rielle had a different outfit for each trial that matched the element she showing.

I haven’t made my mind up about Rielle and Eliana, they are both character that live in the grey area but that hasn’t stopped me rooting for them. Although I am a fan of Eliana brother Remy he is sweet and smart you don’t want anything bad to happen to him.

I am intrigued where this book will go and I have a feeling that this series will get better and better.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5.


Thanks for Reading

Gem x



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