Kiss Me Kill Me by James Carol


Kiss Me Kill Me by James Carol is a standalone psychological thriller, I have previously read Jame Carol Jefferson Winter series and enjoy his writing style so I was interested in reading other books by him.


When Zoe met Daniel she thought she had met the perfect man, a true fairytale romance. But not long after they are married Daniel shows his true colours, he is controlling, aggressive and paranoid. Zoe feels like she can not escape, she has no money, friends or family she is stuck. Until she realises that she is pregnant, Zoe knows that Daniel will never let her keep the baby she has to escape she has no choice.

Zoe has left before but Daniel found her, this time she must find away where he can’t find him. But Zoe plans don’t mix with the plans that Daniel has for her, and his plan for her future on his own.


I was so gripped by Kiss Me Kill Me, I finished it in one night. I just couldn’t put the books down.  James is amazing at taking a story into a direction that I wouldn’t have guessed.  As I was reading the book you think that you are getting to the end of the story, but there is like 50% of the book left so you are on tenterhooks trying to figure out what is going to happen.

The book flicks from Zoe and Daniel perspective as well as the past and present . I really like seeing certain situation from Zoe and Daniel perspectives. It was unsettling how Daniel was controlling Zoe and who he did it.The more I read about Daniel the more I disliked him, he didn’t have one redeeming feature.

I don’t want to say too much about this book, as I do not what to spoil it for anyone but if you like psychological thrillers with a good dose of mystery I would advise you to pick up this book.

I give this book 5 out of 5.


The book is already out as an ebook, but if you would like as a physical book it will be available from 31st May.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bonnier Zaffre for sending me a copy of the book for a fair and honest review.

Thanks for reading

Gem x


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